Richard goes to one of the world's greatest universities: Oxford. He discovers some of its history and hears about its famous students.

Task 1

Which of these topics do we hear about?


Task 2

Use a word or number to complete the sentences.


Task 3

Put the two halves together to make phrases from the video.


Task 4

Use the verb in brackets, and decide on the best verb form for each of these sentences.






No, I haven’t but if I’ll be lucky I’d love to see Oxford University. Yes I do know Harvard University in the United States-very popular in our country. Universities gives us more knowledge and answers all our queries regardless of the college/course. Also, when we apply for work some require to have a degree.

oxford university is one of the best university all over the world and not only in britain.

oxford university it is the dream of all students and me too

1) Unfortunately, I've never been to Oxford and UK. But I hope to visit this wonderful country and this great university.
2) Yes, of course. Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge are the world-famous universities. Plenty of its is found in USA and European countries, such as UK.
3) I guess that universities are very important stage for progress to understanding of science, art and other similar things. In consequence of its people have a chance to achieve the knowledge, the truth and answer their questions.

I never have been in Oxford. Other world famous University is Harvard in the US.
I think Universities are important because knowledge is the basis of progres, and a good University make the difference.

I am having some glitches with this task. It's happening when I'm typing between two letters in the cell.
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I'm using Opera 19 on Chromium 32 engine. My problem that I can't delete that space in the cell.

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I didn't understand what's the meaning of ( Pro-vice chancellor) could you please explain what does it mean ?