Richard goes to one of the world's greatest universities: Oxford. He discovers some of its history and hears about its famous students.

Task 1

Which of these topics do we hear about?


Task 2

Use a word or number to complete the sentences.


Task 3

Put the two halves together to make phrases from the video.


Task 4

Use the verb in brackets, and decide on the best verb form for each of these sentences.






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Thanks for your keeping up and help for us. Thanks for your precious time that spent to help us. Great site.

I love Oxford, and one of my teachers once lived there. But I can't see the videos. What a pity!

shock present PM of UK has studied here.

Hi Adam and Stephen
I want to beg you to add the "can`t see the video?click here." to all your videos...pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassseeeeeeeeee. I love your site...

Pesident of US Bill Clinton who graduated tht university

It is the bigest University I have known. 500 years, very old university. There were many famous persons who graduated this University