Achievement is an important competency given that the more you can achieve, the better your prospects will be when it comes to looking for a new job.

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What is Achievement?

Achievement is what you have done of significance at work which has benefited your company or organisation. Think about your work achievements. Or even your life achievements - these are the successes that you have had so far. Perhaps you have just passed your driving test, or maybe after many years of trying, you have learnt to swim. This is an achievement as it is something you have worked hard for, and in the end the results have been successful.

Why is this important?

In our lives it is important to have objectives so when you have reached them you can say you have some achievements. Think about when you were younger, and your ambitions. Maybe you wanted to become a doctor, so you studied hard, and you finally became a doctor. Perhaps you wanted to have a house with a big garden. Can you remember the day you fulfilled this dream? These are personal achievements and they give you the feeling of self-satisfaction, confidence, and happiness. Let us now take a look at your work achievements. When you have achievement at work it means that you are working towards goals normally set by others, but they can be set by yourself, too. Perhaps you have to reach a sales target, or you need to complete a project within a deadline, or perhaps you need to see clients or customers and help them in some way. If you succeed in helping them, or you reach your sales target, or you complete your project by the deadline, you have examples of achievements. Striving for achievements shows determination and tenacity. 

How can you show you have this competency?

If you have a job interview and you want to demonstrate your achievements you need to think about different situations you have been in, the actions you have taken, and the results of these actions. Perhaps you have had a difficult customer, how have you dealt with that person? Did your action benefit your organisation? In what way? If your results were successful, state this either in your job application, or in your interview.
Think about the skills which you have which make you attractive and valuable as an employee. Remember the more achievement you can give as examples, the more you can sell and market yourself for the job. 

How to improve this skill

If there is a goal which seems difficult to achieve, don’t give up easily. If you can understand your goal and work towards it this will show that you have the potential to achieve. You need to be able to face obstacles and be determined enough to meet targets. Think about a time where you have had to take “no” for an answer, did you just accept it? Don’t just accept it, find out why the answer is “no”.
Also ask for feedback as this can give you an indication of how you are doing. You could compare this to learning a language, for example, if you find some grammar difficult you can always ask your teacher for feedback on your exercises. You can apply this rule to the workplace as well and if you are not sure of how you are progressing, ask!



The great achievement is to overcome one's weaknesses. It may not be difficult of working toward a sales target or to overcome the obstacles you face during your works, but it is difficult to overcome your weaknesses which have been with you for many years. what we say and do everyday determine our habit, our habit determine our characters, our characters determine our value, our value determine our destiny.
Sometime we know our weakness and know that always causing problems to us in certain situation or environments, but it is not easy to change oneself. Or sometime we know we need to behave in certain ways in order to overcome obstacles in certain situation but we feel difficult for not being ourselves, or doing something that against our wishes and therefore we still stick to the same characters years after years...

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