Ashlie and Stephen need to finish their shopping. Ashlie drags Stephen into a shoe shop and they look at some amazing clothes.

 Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the transcript at any time.

Task 1

Comprehension Task

Do you like the clothes Stephen and Ashlie bought? Answer these questions.


Task 2

Sort out the questions that you heard in the video.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


and also why she said 'what's wrong with the black ONES'
i mean the' ONES'? how abt ONE?

Hello fatima89,

We use 'one' to avoid repeating a noun. For example:

I live in a big house. You can see it – it's the big red house over there.

I live in a big house. You can see it – it's the big red one over there.


We use 'ones' in the same way, but for plural nouns. For example:

My father is an architect. He designed many houses in this town, such as those houses over there.

My father is an architect. He designed many houses in this town, such as those ones over there.



The LearnEnglish Team

hi there
'i decided to change my image' what does that mean?

Hello fatima89,

When you change your image you change how you look or how other people see you. This could be something about your physical appearance (your hair, for example) or it could be changing the way you dress.



The LearnEnglish Team

These videos are well done and nice, only the task I think so, you could exploit more in understanding... you could add more task to rise the listening skills, As you notice I need improve on this skill, Thanks a lot.

Hi, There

Can you help me to explain this sentence: We've got to get a move on? What is that mean?

Thanks so much

Hello Nguyen thi Hai Huyen,

'to get a move on' means 'to go now' -- it implies that we must act now or that we are in a hurry.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi! I m really enjoying theses videos. I need to improve me listening skills.
Here in Brazil, the salespeople are always in our back to buy. I prefer to go in that kind of place that you see, chose and try the clothes by yourself. But sometimes I need some help, and it's good to count on a friendly salesperson.

Wow I am impressed by Ash's clothes at the end of the video, are they trendy clothes in the past or at the Carnival? And I don't know the use of ''a'' when she said ''in a size 6''. ''a'' is a word to repeat the shoe mentioned above or something else which we need to add when we talk about the size of a shoe? please help me.

Hello Trieu Hai Binh,

We use 'a' before sizes of various things including shoes ('a size 6'), clothes ('a medium', 'an extra-large') and drinks ('a pint', 'a regular').


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team