Rob talks to Stephen about some phrasal verbs from the clip and then about ways of saying how much you like something.

UK Culture: Creative Industries

Creative industries play a key role in the UK economy. Listen and find out what it's like to live and work as a young professional in the UK.

Elementary Podcasts

Talking about restaurants, Einstein, verb collocations, shopping, Carolina speaks to her tutor, a joke, 'say' and 'tell'.

Magazine - Revolution

The other day I was watching a debate on TV on the subject 'Should it be compulsory to learn English?' The speaker chosen to oppose the idea was Vladimir Zhirinovskiy – a politician who many people in Europe think is a dangerous extremist.

Magazine - Disability

Nowadays in the West the able-bodied are constantly reminded that disabled people have rights like everyone else. But what is it like in the developing world? In places where there are no facilities?

A Game of Go

Two people sit down to play a game. One is an old man who has spent all of his life playing this game, which is called Go. The other is a young woman. She has only been playing Go for three years.

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