Richard leaves the big shopping areas for small, interesting shops and markets. We hear from a man who sells photographs to Outer Mongolia, and some London shoppers tell us what they like.

English for Medicine – A Doctor's View

Listen to an interview with a retired doctor, Rajan Mehta, about his life working in the UK.


As I got older, my childhood dreams of finding treasure faded. But for some people the dream of striking it lucky never fades, and for a fortunate few, the dream even comes true!

The Post

For as long as humans have existed there has been a need to transfer information between people in different places. Writing made messages easier, but getting your message to the right place, on the other hand…

The Nigerian Sound of Afrobeat

Fela Kuti returned to Nigeria and invented his own style which was called 'afrobeat': a mixture of American funk rhythms and jazz improvisation with African percussion and vocals.

Papua New Guinea

Why New Guinea? The first Europeans to arrive in the 16th century thought the country resembled Guinea in West Africa. Why Papua? The word comes from Malay and means ‘fuzzy-haired’.


Death is something that everybody has in common. We are all born, we all live and we all die. However, the customs, beliefs and traditions surrounding death can differ greatly between different groups of people, different parts of the world or different stages throughout history.


Where do pyjamas, yoga, curry, gurus and Bollywood films come from? Answer: India, of course! Let’s look at some ways Indian culture has influenced and inspired other cultures around the world.

Indigenous Peoples

There are perhaps 370 million indigenous peoples in 70 countries around the world. They live on 20% of the world’s land, and they contribute 80% of the world’s biological and cultural diversity.


 A charity is a non-profit making organisation that raises money for people in need. 


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