Shakespeare: Hamlet

Hamlet knows who killed his father, but what should he do? Tonderai Munyevu explains why Hamlet was right to take his time before trying to make things right.

Shakespeare: The Tempest

Why do Shakespeare's plays attract audiences around the world? British actor James Garnon explains how Shakespeare's verse and expressions have captured the hearts of so many people. 

Shakespeare: The Tempest

Why does Caliban in The Tempest choose forgiveness and mercy over revenge? James Garnon explains his choice, as well as when children can start seeing Shakespeare plays.

Professionals Podcasts - Emotional intelligence

Listen to an extract from a lecture on emotional intelligence given by a professor at a business school.

Premier Skills: Plans in Five Years

In this video, the players talk about their hopes and future plans.

Premier Skills: What did you find most challenging about learning English?

In this video, the players talk about the challenges they faced learning English.

A Political Press Conference

Listen to a press conference with the Minister for Energy.


The story of English starts more than a thousand years ago. Richard goes to the British Library to hear – and see – how the language has changed over the years.


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