Vocabulary exercises – Kitchens 2

Learn more words for things you can find in a kitchen by doing these exercises.

Vocabulary exercises - Bedrooms

Do these exercises to learn words to talk about your bedroom.


Learn words for things in bathrooms by doing these exercises.

Vocabulary exercises – Living rooms

What do you call the object that we use to control the TV? Learn this and other words for things you find in a living room by doing these exercises.

Vocabulary games – Kitchens 1

Do these exercises to learn words for things you find in a kitchen.

Vocabulary games – Homes

Do these exercises and learn words to talk about your home.

Vocabulary exercises – Gardens

Do these exercises and learn words for things you can see in gardens.


Ashlie is not happy with her flat, so Stephen offers to help her find somewhere better. That sounds easy, doesn't it?


Now Ashlie has found her new flat, there's only the packing, moving, cleaning and unpacking to do. What could possibly go wrong?


Homes don't always seem hi-tech, but Amandeep finds that some of the latest innovations in house design and furniture are space-age!


In the final episode of this season, find out about Magda's new job and how Sarah deals with her intrusive landlord. Harry has some surprising news and Johnny has a big decision.


'I’ll be rich in 3 years!’ Johnny has a vision of where he will be going!


Sarah will be kicked out of her flat soon and so everyone is on a mission… Written by Chris Rose.

Talk about: Living on my own

Listen to Jocelyn talk about why she has chosen to live on her own.

How to tell if your boyfriend is a slob

What to say to a boyfriend when he lazes around in the house.

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