The Word on the Street team

Rob the teacher talks about using the word 'like' as a filler.


Rob talks about the sort of questions people ask when they go clothes shopping.

How to understand the differences between British and American English

Trousers or pants? Can you tell the difference?

Professionals Podcasts - Managing conflict

Listen to some people trying to resolve a dispute at work with the help of a mediator.

Elementary Podcasts: Tess & Ravi

Talking about family, Dr. Muhammed Yunus, quiz, taxis in Cairo, "What's the best way to travel?", in the chemist, 'look' vs 'sound', false friends

Elementary Podcasts

Talking about travel problems, Frida Kahlo, Think of a word beginning with '...', Kazakhstan, 'How green are you?', the word 'like', neutral and informal words

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