Listen to an interview with a retired doctor, Rajan Mehta, about his life working in the UK.

Professionals Podcasts - English for Medicine - A Doctor's View


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Hello everyone from Spain,

According with the first question in Spain there are a lot of professions that are respected like Lawyer, Doctor, Economist, Soccer player and so on, but the most respected is to be Notary because you have to do a big effort to pass the exams and also because when you get it you have a very high salary.

According with the second question, currently there are a lot of people that live abroad, because the economic situation here in Spain is too bad and to get a good job with a good a salary is very difficult, so the people decide to go abroad looking for more opportunities.

Thanks all for a very useful website. I just learned recently but i think it is so good. Lessons are separated into specific field, easy to find and understand. Besides this, we always have a quick and good support from teacher.

Hello Vicly,

Thank you for your lovely comment. It's great to know that we are helping people!


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Hello everybody. I think today in our countries we don't have an especial proffesion. The doctors in the past had a lot of especial respect but today they are at the same level.
And about the second question, the people live and work here mainly. A little group, due to economical issues, have the possibility to live and work abroad. Sometimes, due to the kind of profession they live here and work abroad.

Hi everyone,
I believe that Doctors of Medicine are always respected all over the world because of their job in saving people. The other profession that has the same respects is Teacher, specially in my country. However, their veneration reduce or lost due to their moral decline that incurred from their low earnings.
Despite of that, these job are always respected by all people.

Hello everyone from Brazil.
It's not a easy question for me to be answered, but generally speaking I see that in Brazil those professions are more paid and are more valuable for the market are more respected. People are encouraged to be a doctor, an engineer, a programmer, a manager, etc., since their childhood because they can earn more money through these professions and consequently buy more stuffs and become more respectful for having material possessions. There is no problem with being an engineer, a doctor, etc, or even buying things (consciously). In my opinion, the question is: for what are we respected? For me, we should be respected for what we do for people and for society. Here people always say we have to respect teachers. But if we look at their working conditions, we quickly conclude they aren't respected at all. There are a number of anonymous works giving their efforts to provide a better life for others, but nobody talks about them. Must they be less respectful? For me, the point is: the more our professions help people and society, in anyway, the more they become meaningful and respectful. It shouldn't be just a basic relation between the professions and the amount of money and material goods.
Talking about the number of Brazilians who are living and working abroad, I don't see many of them living and working in another country, but those I know or I've heard about are people with special skills or specific knowledge or are people who are just trying a new life in a different country. Most of my friends who are working abroad have high skills in science or computer programming and because there is a global demanding in these areas and they're well paid, they are living abroad. A few friends lived (or are living) abroad just to have a new life, to enjoy other cultures and to know the world. I find it fantastic and I'll do that in the first opportunity I have.

I think the respected job in m'y country it's business commercial and after is médecine,enginerring and politicien.but teaching's job is less valued and less salary than other professions that are remmered before.
Yes,many people of my country live and work abroad and particularly graduat students form universities .

In my country politicians are less valued than teachers, but they earn much money, a lot of.
But really researches, engineers and PDH are mots valued abroad than in Spain, and is because of that they are leaving our country, searching good opportunities in other countries. That is sad, their formation has done with our taxes, but their professional development is tapped by rich countries which can pay them.

In my country, Brazil, there are lots of valued professions. For example, Doctor (Physician), Engineer, Lawyer, Banker. But, unfortunately, teachers are not as valued as the others. The way I see it, teacher (of any category) should be the most valued profession on earth. We can't even step out of primary school without a teacher.
This is my opinion.
Greetings from Brazil