What inspired Shakespeare to write? Ben Crystal continues his visit to Stratford-upon-Avon, learning about Shakespeare's education, marriage and the 'lost years' before he moved to London.





I think that the main inspiration for any writer is the suffering
Most of successful writers had a hard life and they were able to change that suffering into letters , we are reading them now
So , my question that if Shakespeare was a rich and happy man during his life without any challenges , would he give us the same novels with the same sense ?

Hello Khaled,

Great question! I'm afraid I'm not familiar enough with Shakespeare's life to be of much help other than to suggest reading about him a bit more. A good place to start might be the Wikipedia entry on his life.

The other possibility is that your hypothesis about writers isn't completely accurate. What I mean is that, while I'm sure what you say is true for many writers, it might not be true of all writers. Or another way to think about it is that all human beings are bound to suffer.

I wish you luck in investigating this more!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I think everything is inspiration for artist and writer. This could be the people, the environment, or the view from their window. My mother is a great influencer for me and she's the source of inspiration.

I am not sure what really inspires me, I guess it may be the pursuance of knowledge.

I think so that my hometown had inspired to so much singers an dancers because there is the 'salsa" (DANCE) is caracteristic. But many more artists had been inspired for others cities of my country, for example Carlos Vives was Inspired by the sea, the coconut palm, landscapes of the Coast and around.

And I am inspired to do the best person,in first side for myself, and then: for my sons, my grandsons and my family in general.

I think so they are the more important reasons for me actually.


Starting a family in 18 age with three children in 22 I think it could quite difficulty for him spending time on writing.

I am thinking in Gabo, and how it has be possible that our unbelievable reality becomes immortal in the books. It can be fictional, but actually the majority of that madness is based on the real life of this society. About what inspires me to do the best, my family and my desire to be better each day, to try to accomplish my dreams.

1: there is great writer in my country called (Hadraaawi) he is also rhymester,balladeer and song writer, this guy really inspired our hometown and even he is a legend of all the time,
2:my fiend is always inspired me. he is at the university, his actions really motivated me everyday, he is my friend, my role model, my inspiration he is the one who always let me do my best, i am privileged that i have such a wonderful soulmate

one of great writer in my country called (Hadraaawi) he is also a poet and song writer,

I was inspired by my father and my grandfather who taught me learning any thing however it is difficult.