Richard leaves the big shopping areas for small, interesting shops and markets. We hear from a man who sells photographs to Outer Mongolia, and some London shoppers tell us what they like.

Task 1

What is the main message of this video?


Task 2

Which of the following things happen in this video?


Task 3

Put the words in order to make sentences from the video.


Task 4

Match the halves of the sentences.






I answered all tasks correctly after watching the video once. Would it predict my listening score in IELTS .. ?

Hello Mohammed Nadeem,

The tasks on this page are not intended to provide a guide with regard to IELTS. For that you should visit our site for IELTS candidates: TakeIELTS. You'll find sample tasks there as well as advice, tips, information on the exam, sample answers and more.


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Hello everyone..
☆ Do you have markets in your country?
- Yes, of course we have markets in our country. We have all of different kind of markets. One among of them is night market, we call it "Pasar Malam" or "Pasar Senggol". As most of you who have been to my country will know that a nightlife activity is not only coming from bars and clubs but visiting night market is also intetesting experience.
☆ What can you buy there?
- The biggest and oldest our traditional market that located in the centre city always look busy all the time as it opens 24 hours. You can find everything that you need such as fruits, meats, vegetables, souvenirs, handicrafts, jewelleries, untill fabrics you can find here. But for night market is mostly visited by food hunters as it offers variety of cuisines.
☆ If you had a market stall in London or your own country, what would you sell?
- My hobby is farming and I'm a chicken lover. I love to raise my own chickens especially for their eggs. So if I had a stall in the market, I'd like to sell my chicken eggs. It's likely I will become a millionaire selling chicken eggs.
mmm... Can I ? ;)

if i had a stall i would probably sell my drawing as i adore drawing and always post them on my Instagram account waiting for a chance to work with my talent in something that i really do love

I am confused with Task 2 question in which they have asked what happend in video?
and need to select 2 options.

I selected 2 answer -the women likes to buy cheaper and expensive stuff. But 1st answer made me confused.

Richard did not mentioned he is talking about markets outside of London.

Please enlighten me on this.

Hello Priyanka Bhagat,

In his introduction Richard talks about shops outside London:

Small specialist shops can be found all over the country. The Lanes in Brighton are made up of a fabulous web of small streets with lots of quirky shops and boutiques. They’re a great place to discover original fashion, furniture and accessories…


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We have the only one market in Yangon as i know. It's called ' Bo Chote' market. you can buy anything whatever you want there.A lot of foreigners from different countries are visits there. Some shops are reasonable price but some are more expensive other supermarket. If i had a stall in London, i have sold hand make goods from Myanmar.

There are a lots of markets in my country,you can buy fresh fishes ,fresh fruit, clothes,unterwears and other things.
If i had a stall i would probably sell hotdogs.

Hi...I don't know how to pronounce " St. Jame " exactly. Plz guide me. Tks

Hi Vu Anh Van,

You can hear how 'St. James' is pronounced in the video. I'm not sure what other help we can give you, as we don't know how you are pronouncing it or which sounds are difficult for you. All I can suggest is listening to the correct pronunciation and trying to get as close as you can.


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