Would you like to stay in a hotel made out of salt? Watch this video to find out more about this unusual hotel in Bolivia. 


Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercise. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.

Task 1

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Very amazing video.
Thank you very much

Here is Asghar.In Transcription I think you made a mistake.You wrote a word Plaque instead of Plug.Plaque has something to do with the teeth and not with the electrical tools.The man is using the word Plug not Plaque.Due to salt the Plugs will be damaged and need to be repaired.

Hi Asghar,

Thank you for your comment. You are quite right and I will update the page accordingly.

We try very hard to ensure that our transcripts are accurate but occasionally errors creep through and then we are reliant on our users' powers of observation. Thank you for spotting this and letting us know.

The word 'plaque' does refer to a build-up of damaging material on teeth, as you say. It is also used to describe small stone, wood or metal tablets mounted on walls with information about, for example, historical places.


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The LearnEnglish Team

This place absolutely awesome and I can image breathtaking meditation practice there. Lovely for mindfulness activities!

7/8 first time

of course i did not get the numbers right as well :P

restaurant was amazing ! entire location is just .. PIECE OF ART as he says

I know that Dario Lora doesn't use a word 'square' when he tells about a stretch of the salt flat but shouldn't the correct measure be used in the answers? 'According to Dario Lora, the salt flat is the biggest in the world and it covers 12 thousand square kilometres.'

Hello MariZ,

Yes, I think you make a good point and so we've changed the answer to say 'square kilometres'.

Thanks very much for pointing this out to us!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

The place is very interesting and unusual. Of course I'd like to stay in this hotel but not for long because I think it's not very comfortable. I've never stayed in an unusual hotel but I've stayed in hotels located in old buildings. It was interesting too.

Of course I'd like to visit this hotel, but in a dry season because if it rained, the hotel may turn into a big salty lake.
I have never been to a special hotel from the same kind.

Yes, I'd like to visit a place like that. It would be very exciting! I've never stayed in an unusual hotel, but I have stayed two times in old Soviet hotels in Lithuania and Bulgaria. It was not the same experience, but there was a special atmosphere.