Richard finds out about all the different kinds of English and talks to some of the hundreds of thousands of students who come to Great Britain to learn English every year.

Task 1

Order the events in the video.


Task 2

Choose the right answer.


Task 3

Put the right word in each space to complete the sentences.


Task 4

Be careful - not all adverbs need -ly! Add -ly if it is needed.






Yes, it is in many different ways, in science you need updated with the last news and advanced discoveries with English, whether somebody wants to publish his research must be in English. Many global companies used English as common language among their employees. The advantages to study English in English speaking country are very high, because They get many resources in different places even during leisure time. Yes, I would like study and improve on my English skills in England . I could choose firstly London, Manchester, Birmingham and others..

English is a widely spoken language because of many reasons such as innovtion and science. learning English in an English-speaking country is very useful that you can communicate with native speakers and be immersed by it wich allows you to learn English fast and deeply and I will be lucky if I get an opportunity to study this language in a UK or USA.

English is Great.
1st. No matter where I go, there are people speaking English.
2nd. There are endless resouces on line in English for entertainment and learning.
3rd. I can always find a job if I keep learning English.
4th. I learned another European Language easier because I speak English.
5th. English language is a media to communicate with many different people in the world and a bridge to another culture.
6th. It's difficult to find learning resources on the internet for other languages, but there are a lot of free resources and well-designed tests for English language on this website. It benefits learners like me with limited time and no budget. Besides, listening and doing the tests is a good way to pass free time.
Thank you!

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Hello everyone...
☆ Why do you think English is the world's most widely used language?
- There are many reasons for why English is the world's most widely used language. But the main reason for this is it's because of the former influence of the British Empire. By the time anything resembling a language policy was introduce, English had already reached all corners of the globe. English was taken around the world by the sailor, soldiers, pilgrims, traders and missionaries of the British Empire.
☆ What are the advantages of studying English in an English speaking country?
- Learning English would be easier in an English speaking country. It is because the people around you are speaking English and make it easy to adjust to English accent and also sentence pattern. And I believe live in a country like the UK where English is used as the primary way of communication would help learner master this language pretty quickly and accurately.
☆ Would you like to study English in the UK? Where would you go?
- It will be great if I can learn directly English in the UK. But there is one thing that has to be considerated. Cost of living and studying in the UK is very expensive. It's out of my reach now.
Finding some of the greatest teachers of the British Council in the internet is a blessing. I've been very lucky to be one of the users of it. But if I can go to the UK and where do I like to go to study?
Of course, my first destination is London.

Task 4 on using adverbs, says to add 'ly' where needed but leave blank otherwise. When I leave a blank where no 'ly' is required I am told that 8 items are remaining and if I click on finish I am told I have only completed 6 out of 14 and do I want to finish? Am I missing something here or is there a problem with the question? i am using Chrome on a Mac computer.

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Thanks for telling us about this! I've changed the exercise – now, instead of leaving spaces blank (which of course wasn't working), you must write '/' when no 'ly' suffix is needed. It should work now for you – though it may take a few hours for the change to appear on our site – but please let us know if you have any other trouble with it.

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English is used as a lingua franca throughout the world.That's why people all around the world use English to communicate each other.As the guy said in the video it's used in business, education and techonology in the world.
When you study English in a English-speaking country, you have the advantage of living the language like you get to hear it around you in your daily life.Ergo, you are more likely to pick up the language easier than studying in your own country.
Of course,I'd love to study in the U.K. again! When I was studying English in London, I had literally immersed myself into English Language as well as soaking up hustke and bustle of London lifestyle.I intend to do my master degree in the U.K. though.If I happen to make it,I want to be able to study at somewhere else so that I get to experience more of U.K. culture and get to most out of U.K. during my stay there!

First as the world is becoming a big one village, we should admit that there is an urgent need for a global language so we can communicate and understand each other. The question is why it is English. I believe English scientists, poets, novelists had big achievements that contributed to the spreading out of English.
There is no better place to study a foreign language than its home. When you do so you have to use the language and of course it is the best way to improve it, you get familiar with it and with the slang which we don`t learn in books. For these reasons and many others I am very keen on being to Britain to improve my English and I certainly would start from London, the home of everything great.

It's probably a shame but I don't really know why English is the most widespread language in the world and I guess It is mainly because I didn't really like history at school.
I think when you are in an environment of any language you learn you experience the greatest possible amount of it everyday. You see it, hear it and speak it on a daily basis even during the most common routine.
I would definitely like to study English in the UK because I've always liked the language and the country and with the information that British Council provides I like it even more now.
If I were to UK I would go to as much places as possible, but of course London is
the first one to visit.