Do you know you can apply the 'STRESS' theory to reduce stress? Find out more from Emily.

Beating stress


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Task 1

Choose the correct way to finish each sentence.






I think,if you don't want be in stress,you must more laugh,more sex and don't worry for all problem's.They are end,but they robber your peace and time..

Haha, good comment)) I think you are right, because when we are in particular problem right now, it seems like something horrible but after the time we will find it not so frightful.

in my opinion, i think if we want to enjoy the opportunity that the life offers us, we should first forget the word STRESS, and especially always keep the positive attitude :-)

There are some sayings that are coming to my attention lately, and going around, back and forth, here and there, and I couldn’t really understand their meaning, where do they appear from or who invented them and what they are good for?

A saying like the one I have read in the discussion paragraph above: (stress is motivating to drive you to do better) is a typical one that I am trying to talk about.
Really I don’t understand what stress has to do with motivation or better performing?!
I believe that stress is one of several reasons for a personal failure, if it’s not the main reason. Someone under stress is someone who is exposed to lose his concentration, self-confidence and his nerves as well, which will definitely widen the margin of errors and mistakes which will lead in its turn to a misunderstanding. Stress can damage the brain and the body of the human being any doctor will say so! Stress results are very negative. It can cause high blood pressure and even a heart attack.
Finally there are many other ways to drive us to do better than the motivating force of the stress. Encouraging, supporting, cheering, positive approaching are excellent means of motivation that we should follow.
Doctors say: “Stress is a silent killer” I say:” It is better to be unmotivated and alive, then motivated under stress and dead”.

Hello nabsamad,

For the most part, expressions and words in languages arise as people use them over time -- it's usually difficult, if not impossible, to find out who invented them. The Cambridge Dictionary has entries for many of these expressions -- see, for example, 'back and forth' and 'here and there'.

This article on embracing stress on the BBC might help you understand the idea of stress being motivating.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Krik,
Thank you for your prompt replay, I really appreciate your clarification. However, I was trying to describe my opinion about the subject in my skeptical way.

We try to be happy every day, even though there is some thing happento us and we try to resolve problem.
Sometimes we don't want it occurs but it is our of will

For me I use to do like it.
S= stay sample in your life
T= trust yourself
R= respect to everyone
E= encourage yourself and encourage to other
S= seek for opportunity
S= silence

Stress makes us get sick, we should avoid getting stressed and follow simple and happy ways of living. Life is only one and we should not waste it.

thank you for your good words. May i ask you a question?. What do you act for reducing stress?