Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.




There is little a difference between purse and bag. Purse is smaller than bag and at larger scale used by men and women to keeping some cards and money. Whereas bag, It could be common use both by male and female and it is larger in size.

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Before I learn this, I think cap and hat are the same, also bag and rucksack. Bracelet is not used more I think.

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What is the difference between a bag and a purse? In the USA I heard say purse instead of bag. Thanks.

I think the purse is small and handy size than the bag.

Hello kalitrates,

That's right -- in the US, people sometimes refer to a bag as a 'purse'. Usually the context will make it clear, but if not you can always ask people.

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Yes ofcourse I have some accessories. I got the belt, the scarf and the gloves from my wife.

The only accessory that is special to me is the belt that my godfather gave me on 13th or 12th birthday. The color is white and grey with some silver like effects. Color transitions look very nice. It has a nice metallic beginning and three metal dots on a triangle shaped ending. The material is leather and it's black inside. I wore it until 24 or 25 when it just started to brake, the paint started to fall off a little and three dots also began to fall off piece by piece. But still all my youth is with this belt. :)