Do the exercises to improve your vocabulary for air travel.




I have travelled by plane from Blagoveshchensk to Moscow for eight hours aproximately.

I has been once go to the Vienna with plane and taking thirdty hours maybe, it so exciting and tiring.

Yes, I have traveled by flight. I still remember, my first travel was from Delhi (The capital city of India) to Kochi ( A city which is located in the southern side of India). It was part of my study tour. I flew along with my teachers and friends. Since it was the first flight for many of us, we were very excited about the flight and of course it was a joyful experience. The longest distance I flew is from Kochi to Kuwait.

Yes, I have. I use air travel almost regularly. twice a month for my job. it takes 1:15 hour. but my longest travel by air was about 5 when I went to turkey from Shiraz.

I traveled by air two times, the first flight had a duration of three hours and the second two hours.

I travelled by plane only three times. This was from Riga to Brussels, from Brussels to Barcelona and from Munich to Saint Petersburg (not in USA). All the fligts took about two hours so I didn't felt tired but speaking to stewardress in english was simply terrible.

Yes, it's. the longest flight was taken about 7 hours when I travelled to Malaysia.

I have to remember these words. I wish one day I have a chance travel around the world.
1. Boarding card shows my flight and sear information.
2. The gate is where I wait to board (get on) the plane.
3. The check-in desk is where I leave my baggage and get my boarding card.
4. The departures board shows gate numbers of all flights in an airport.

Hi everyone

I had a flight on March and it taken 7 hours in the plane. This trip is Japan. That's really a wonderful experience. I loved it.