Sammy chats up Julia at Tom's party. What does he get from her?





Well, Sammy was in a hurry to be friends with Julia. He soon jumped at asking her if she is married or not. I dare say to him "Don't make haste, you can enjoy talking with her more slowly!" If I were Sammy, I'd ask Julia what she likes to do in her free time or if she likes to introduce her family members, etc.

Hi, I am from Viet Nam.

yes, I did. I ask them for their mobile number

I cannot ask the people about their phones numbers unless I have relation with them ..job relation, friends. .or I have to have specific reason to ask them.

If I was instead of Julia I will let Sammy to try again to have my phone number !

In my country we exchange telephone numbers all the time, especially through service and business contacts. We call ourselves little and we use the WhatsApp application a lot because it is cheaper.

You will succe to get my number Rene.

Hi every one look for a friends.

In all my life I should have asked the fone number for hundreds of people, I don´t know if I succed all the times.

He is take her phone number

It's nice teaching

Yes, I did. I am not sure, but i Think, I asked may i have your phone number.