Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.




I think, the best accessorie with a man is a watch. I have a very nice watch. My wife presented me it. My wife bought it for me. I love my wife because she is very beautiful woman and she have a good heart. I am going to buy a gift for her at her birthday. I want to buy earrings or necklace.


I'm in love with silver rings.

I always wear earrings that my parents gave me, since more than 50 years have passed.

I have little stud earrings that very nice to me. They are lightweight, not cling to hair and I never put off them.

I think this form memorising words is kind of efficient because we can memorize the vocabulary directly by the pictures instead of the translation. and then we can speak out faster when communicating with others.

I have a jacket which i use during outdoor trips on bike. It's very special fo me because i protects me from dust and cold.

I'm not interested but when I watch movies and see someone have an accessory belong to his dead ancestors, I hope if I have something like this belong to my ancestor.
I have dagger it's very important for me, but I'm not sure is it accessory or not, if you know please tell us.

I have a silver bracelet that I like very much, i both it two years ago, it's a simple bracelet with a blue eye.

In my youth, I was not interested in any of the accessories as a decoration. But recently, all of a sudden, I'm getting interested in buying them and bought some of the necklacesses but not so expensive ones. Now I like wearing them when going out.