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I hate air travelling, I prefer ships or trains. However, going to a foreign country means you have to use air-plane as a trasportation, and I had to bear a boring hours on the plane. My longest was when I flew to Scotland via Dubai. It took me 17hours plus waiting at Dubai for a couple of hours.... Oh, I hate air travel...

My air travel was 2 years ago. It was the first time i was in plane. Though I weared many clothes but i felt cold so I turned off the air conditioning. It was a good fight. I sat by the window, i saw the view from the top and the clouds near me. The longest fight i took was 2 hours to Thailand.

My longest flight was 18 years ago... to Europe, Im from Mexico.

I have been traveled two years ago .I was in Poland .Its was very nice trip

I've been traveled five years ago .
It was to Jordan which I attend a workshop

Yes I have, many times. My longest flight was to Los Angeles, it took 11 hours.

Yes I have, I like travel by plane, the take off and the landing are exciting! but I hate waiting hours in an airport. The longest flight was from Austin to Madrid , firstly I flew to Atlanta and then to Spain. It took me about sixteen hours

I always prefer trains to planes. Only if I could travel by train even for Scotland from Japan! Scotland is too far away anyway, it took me more than 20 hours even by plane. Just sitting on a seat of a plane is boring....

yes, travelling by plane is always easier & faster, unfortunately sone flights schedules are complicated.

Yes i travel from Pakistan to Jeddah last year and it took 3 hours.