Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?





I wish I can improve my English through this site.

Hello British Council Team,

I wonder why I do not find the dictionary. It was very useful

Hello seham fadL,

We had to remove the on-page link to the Cambridge Dictionary that we used to have due to some technical changes which made it no longer work. The good news is that you can access the same dictionary for free by following the link above.

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i met my bestfriend when we have same needed something, i hate her so much, i don't know why i hate her so deeply and i with her is enemies, the same way we must worked together we always fought after worked together. in one years we knew we have same character so i and her be bestfriend until right now

I got a interesting friend in a train journey who is a yoga master; his age must be around 65. he started to converse , he gave me his android phone and asked" how to turn on mobile data". it is latest model smart phone. he was new to smart phones. I showed him how to operate the and handling of smart phone. then he talked about his job and his passion and strong belief towards yoga. he ends by saying god bestowed yoga to human beings. as no one is there to accompany me in my age I started to hear it. he advised me a lot. and teach me some basic breathing exercise which is really worked out. every time while practice those exercise I remember that old good men.

Very good material I hope I can move forward with my English because I could never get through the first levels.

No, I'm haven't. I usually meet friends at the school.

Thank you bbc learning English group.

I met friend when passing catch up exam . I had an exam on thursday and i was thinking that my next exam is on friday next week (Our catch up exam take two week ) . But it is next two day . And my apartment rental is finished and i didin't anywhere to go . I was very angry until a college asked me what is wrong with you and told my little history . So , he invited to stay with him this two . By the way he did not know very . At next year , we rental an apartment together.

Finally thanks for yours passion for reading my comment, just i want express and write.
I will be thankful if yous correct my mistake.