Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?





I've met my wife at university studying together and now we have six years married! We have a daughter and work together in the same place.

I have never met someone in an unusual way. I met my partner through his relatives. They were my customers when I worked in the shop

It's good, very good.

This was about my travel some years ago. I wanted to ask about an address but he was silent steping back, as he felt dangerous from me. Maybe, he was a tourist from other country. It's funny, i felt strange but he felt dangerous.

It's good. I hope lessons will more difficult in future.

very easy.. I want that all the English is like this.

Interesting Web ....i hope i can improve my english

okay. I'll tell you about amazing love of mine.In high school, i liked a girl and i talked to her friend to have some informations, just a little bit about hobbies. Her friend name is Thu. I talked to her alot. Untill a day, i have feeling love with her, Thu. And now, she my girl friend and she loves me so much.I feel so lucky.

This beginning is very heartwarming, kind of. I glanced at the similar language learning site of America. And their video is very different from this one. Their vides are... very American, which is more speedy and active, in a way. But I prefer this site to theirs... I love British better than American because we're both "island" country. (I am Japanese!)

yes, I have. I always meet a women in the celebrations. I hate her too much, Because of her actions