Do the exercises to improve your vocabulary for air travel.




Yes I have, I like travel by plane, the take off and the landing are exciting! but I hate waiting hours in an airport. The longest flight was from Austin to Madrid , firstly I flew to Atlanta and then to Spain. It took me about sixteen hours

I always prefer trains to planes. Only if I could travel by train even for Scotland from Japan! Scotland is too far away anyway, it took me more than 20 hours even by plane. Just sitting on a seat of a plane is boring....

yes, travelling by plane is always easier & faster, unfortunately sone flights schedules are complicated.

Yes i travel from Pakistan to Jeddah last year and it took 3 hours.

My longest flight was from Bangalore to London. It took me 23 hours

Yes. It was to Indonesia

I learned some new words about air travel. These exercise help us to increase our vocabulary.

Yes, I have. I love to visit all of the World. I use to travel by air twice every year. My longest flight was from sweden to Tehran ( the capital city of Iran). it is take about 7 hours. I still remeber, that was one of my best holiday.

It's my pleasure!

I think that right sentence is next " I wanna get on the plane/flight."