Sammy has an idea for the holiday. But will Julia want to go away?





If we have "long" holidays ( we call so 4-5 days when weekend ahd public holidays follow one after another) we go to one of the big city like Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkiv. On the vacation we usually go to the sea.

For my holidays, I like to go in my country and other country that I don't know.
But sometimes I travel according to my financial budget.

If I have a long holidays. Maybe 3 -5 days, i will go to the sea by car. I want to go to an island because it's quite, and the air is fresh.

I go here there and everywhere.

I envy native English speaker as English is a language which people all over the world can speak quite well, so as long as you speak English, you can travel around the world. And learning French might be much easier than us Japanese, because French is an Indi-European language and a lot of words are common in English such as "question" etc. Japanese has no relative language and gramatically so different from English or even Chinese!! So we need more effort to acquire the skill of a foreign language...

Julia: I think ... that would be great.
What is different if we replace "would" by "will" ? Why she used "would" but not "will"?

Hello mitykg,

We use 'will' when the future action is sure or very likely and 'would' when we see it as hypothetical or less likely. The reason Julia says 'would' here is to signal that she is still quite tentative about the suggestion. Effectively she is saying 'That would be great if we decided to do it (but we haven't agreed yet)'.


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I really dream about going to Iceland with my family. I think their culture, food and weather are a way different from Brazil.

I would like to go to France too).

Sometimes, we go to any big city to know new culture, cuisine and places because there are different cultures in our country, once that is a big country in territorial extension.
But we always go to the countryside because is more quiet and there is no traffic. Excellent to rest!