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There is a bath, a toilet and a mirror in my bathroom. I used to relax in the bath once a week, in another day I prefer to use shower for washing.

My bathroom doesnt have something different .also I got in my house one bathroom

Hello! In My bathroom there are all that except the bath. I would like have one. In my house there are 3 small bathrooms. This page is wonderful!

There are 3 bathrooms in my house. There are many different things in the bathrooms. There are mirror, toothpaste, toothbrush, washbasin, toilet, toilet papaer, bath and shower.

I have a traditional bathroom in my house, the bath, toilet, washbasin and mirror in the same area, and i have just one bathroom

Yes, it does. My bathroom is not as good as the picture above. Because i live in the village and i am poor. So, there's no bath, shower, tap, and i don't use toilet like that, it's too expensive for me. And I (or we) don't use toilet paper to clean-you know-after poop because there's still a lot of water here, and it's free.

Wow, so different...

I want to ask about grammar. In grammar section it says that 'have to' is the obligation that comes from somebody else. it's a law or a rule. But how's about "I have to go" ? Is that 'a rule' that I have to go? Is sentence "I must to go" commonly use in Britain?

I hope y'all understand what I mean.
Love You LoL

Hello Ferdiana,

The rule you mention is generally true, i.e. 'must' typically expresses the idea that the speaker has decided something is necessary, whereas 'have to' often expresses that the need comes from outside. Another important thing to consider is that 'must' sounds rather formal, especially in some varieties of English (for example, American English), so 'have to' is a lot more common in informal speech for many people.

'I must go' is certainly used in the UK, as is 'I have to go'. I'd encourage you to look for how 'must' and 'have to' are used as you read and listen to English, which should help you begin to make sense of them.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Oh Mr. Kirk, Can you make a suggestion for me, please? I want to learn more about grammar in this site. So, which one is better for the beginner like me, the 'English grammar' section one or the 'Quick grammar' one? Well, I think I've got enough time to learn.