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Now that I am retired, I usually wear socks, shoes, pants, shirt and sweater. When I was working I used to wear a suit with a tie, and in summer, in Spain, it was very hot walking down the street wearing a suit, but it was the price for wearing a formal dress.

Usually i wear jeans with a t-shirt .I like wearing dress in summer..I prefer shoes in stade of high heels because i feel more comfortable .

I love wear a jean with a top

I like to wear dress and high heels.In summer i like sandals and shorts.

In cold weather, like now, I like to wear jeans and sweaters

I like to wear dress with boots or sandals, shorts with T-shirt or top with trainner, tracksuit with trainner, scarf with sweatshirt

I don't like tie.

i like classical weaing in formal situations

what is formal dress or formal clother ?