Do the exercises to improve your vocabulary for air travel.




Yes, I've traveled many times. My longest flight was from São Paulo to Milan, it took 12 hours. My last flight was from Campinas to Maceió in my country ( Brazil ) on November

Yes I have. The longest flight is from Turkey to United States. It takes about 11 hours.

Yes, I've travelled by air.
The longest flight I've taken was Japan, almost five hours.
I'm from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Yes, I've travelled by air.
The longest flight I've taken was Buenos Aires - Madrid, almost twelve hours.

I hate air travelling, I prefer ships or trains. However, going to a foreign country means you have to use air-plane as a trasportation, and I had to bear a boring hours on the plane. My longest was when I flew to Scotland via Dubai. It took me 17hours plus waiting at Dubai for a couple of hours.... Oh, I hate air travel...

My air travel was 2 years ago. It was the first time i was in plane. Though I weared many clothes but i felt cold so I turned off the air conditioning. It was a good fight. I sat by the window, i saw the view from the top and the clouds near me. The longest fight i took was 2 hours to Thailand.

My longest flight was 18 years ago... to Europe, Im from Mexico.

I have been traveled two years ago .I was in Poland .Its was very nice trip

I've been traveled five years ago .
It was to Jordan which I attend a workshop

Yes I have, many times. My longest flight was to Los Angeles, it took 11 hours.