Do the exercises to improve your vocabulary for air travel.




Frequently I travel by air along with my family to spend holidays in my home town. The longest flight I took was more than six hours of duration. There was a long waiting queue of passengers in front of check-in desk. On our turn, it was revealed that our baggage had exceeded the limit but fortunately we were not charged at check-in desk for extra weight. We got the board cards and proceeded to immigration. After passing security scanning, we checked the timing on the departure board. We waited on the relevant gate till airline staff announced for boarding. Through gate we entered the plane, proceeded to our seats, and found the overhead lockers were almost full. Some how we managed to put our hand-carry baggage. The meal served during the flight was delicious. After landing and immigration, we collected our luggage to proceed to our home.

Yes, I have travelled by air many times. But have had only short-lived trips, across the Europe.

Hello, I have travelled by air to few places... My longest flight I have been taked was from París to Mexico city... more or less twelve hours in the air.

no, i've never travelled by air. i just were on plane in a bussiness trip, and the longest flight i have taken is from Danang, Viet nam to Incheon, Korea.

No i have never travelled on flight

Thank you! It was easy for me. Now I know a new word 'overhead locker'. I like traveling. Usually I have flight once a year. But I don't like long flight, because I can't sleep in a plane well.

Yes, I've traveled many times. My longest flight was from São Paulo to Milan, it took 12 hours. My last flight was from Campinas to Maceió in my country ( Brazil ) on November

Yes I have. The longest flight is from Turkey to United States. It takes about 11 hours.

Yes, I've travelled by air.
The longest flight I've taken was Japan, almost five hours.
I'm from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Yes, I've travelled by air.
The longest flight I've taken was Buenos Aires - Madrid, almost twelve hours.