Sammy chats up Julia at Tom's party. What does he get from her?





Hello everyone I want to find new friend's for talk and practice!


Could u give me your phn numba?it is essential to have your number for inviting u in my room to romance ..

Hi, can you please give me your phone number?

Could you give me your mobile number? I would like us to keep in touch.

Hello everyone here!
How are you doing?
Is there anyone who can chat with me?

Hello Ahsraful MA,

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Can I have your mobile number please? Actually,i don't simply ask people their mobile number

It's not bad.

Thanks Peter and Kirk for all your teachings and help. You two have been fantastic teachers. I just want to say thanks for the assistance so far.

If i am...i would make an interesting talking between friends, then i ask her or his cellphone number to keep in touch each other. That's all.