Pronouns are words we use in the place of a full noun.

There are many different kinds of pronouns.



Hello Imran,

I'm afraid none of the sentences you suggest are correct. They're certainly comprehensible, but we don't use those prepositions that way. Prepositions are often as much a matter of usage (in other words, we just use them the way we use them) than anything else.

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This man whom I trusted cheated me. May I rewrite this sentence like this ? = This man cheated me whom I trusted. Can I also write Who instead of whom ?

Hello, SonuKumar, Re-writing the sentence in the way which you've put it is wrong. And nowadays, it's better to use "who" rather than "whom"

Hello SonuKumar,

Nowadays, 'whom' is a relatively rare form -- instead most people will use 'who'. It still means the same thing, i.e. 'who' can be used as a subject and also as an object pronoun.

I'm afraid the other formulation of the sentence is not grammatically correct.

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Hello Sir,
Kindly let me know which is the correct preposition in below sentences:
1- I am getting inside the car.
2- I am getting into the car.
please also send me the link at this site for preposition section.

Hello Imran 26,

The correct preposition here in most contexts is 'into'. It is possible to use 'get inside' but it would suggest someone finding a way into a place they should not be allowed into, such as a thief or a spy.


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The LearnEnglish Team

Sir, I am not sure .But I think we can use "we will be having dinner at 8 '0' clock" instead of "I am going to be having dinner" at 8 '0' clock. Pls confirm.

Hello Lakki,

Yes, both sentences are grammatically correct and in most contexts there is probably no difference in meaning between them (other than the difference in subjects). You can see a bit more about the different forms used to talk about the future on our Future Plans page.

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I found that quite helpful.

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