Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?





Today, I had met Secretary's boss in unusual way. When I got in to my boss's oficce, she can't allowed cross into the office, cause she moved in front of me and it was possible I got in to this office.

i met my old friend from elementary school, but i don't know who he is

I met my future wife in an acting school

this dialog is not advance but so instructive.I do not believe that I meet anyone with this way :) .thanks so much

I meet my old friend last week during a craft exhibition I was an exhibitor and he was walking in front of my stall, whit his hands full of brushes. He started living in that neighborhood and I attend it for my work. Next time we will have lunch together!

I have never meet someone in unusual way .

I met someone in an unusual way, while i was walking on foot. He stopped his car and offer me a ride, he introduce himself to me and i do the same, since then i never met him again.

Yes I have... He's my boyfriend (hope he'll be my last soon-to-be). At the time we met, we were in an orientation event at the office. I didn't realized at first that we're in the same team. We did role play together, even as the main characters. Then, a month later, he accidentally (through my other colleague) gave me some help to set a chain guard on my bicycle. Sooner, he asked me to go cycling. What makes me feel odds that I've never realized that we ever introduced ourselves to one another, till he became my beau ^_^

I meet a girl in the bus and since this day she is my best friend

Once i encountered with my old lady friend ,i had crashed in her front ..then we became refreshed in our friendship