Listen to a business management expert talking about the price that some companies have to pay when they fail to address diversity-related risks.

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It's my pleasure

Discrimination is still an issue nowsaday. Employee could have difficulties to sue company for discrimination because they would no have strong evidence to support their cases.
For example, employer could just simply put aside those applications from candidates who have criminal records and it is hard for those employee to compain against the company. The same apply to gender and race discrimination, it is hard for employee to find any proof ro support their complaints.

I think it is really important to fight against the diversity/discrimination at work. Unfortunately It is still the case nowadays.

I can't understand the sentence below:
In 1998, companies in the United States had to pay out more than fifty five million dollars to employers who had filed age related discrimination complaints against their companies.
In my view, the 'employer' should have been 'employee', for it make no sense for companies pay out to employers. Is my understanding right?

Hello Peter,

Yes, you're absolutely right. Unfortunately, we're not easily able to fix the recording on this page. I'm leaving 'employer' in the transcript, since it is supposed to reflect what the speaker says. But you're right - it should be 'employees'.

Thanks very much for pointing this error out to us.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team