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Why we use adverbials

We use adverbials to give more information about verbs.

We use adverbials of manner to say how something happens or how something is done:

The children were playing happily.
He was driving as fast as possible.

We use adverbials of place to say where something happens:

I saw him there.
We met in London.

We use adverbials of time to say when or how often something happens:

They start work at six thirty.
They usually go to work by bus.

We use adverbials of probability to show how certain we are about something.

Perhaps the weather will be fine.
He is certainly coming to the party.

How we make adverbials

An adverbial can be an adverb:

He spoke angrily.
They live here.
We will be back soon.

or an adverb with a quantifier:

He spoke really angrily.
They live just here.
We will go quite soon.
We will go as soon as possible.

or a phrase with a preposition:

He spoke in an angry voice.
They live in London.
We will go in a few minutes.

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Adverbials 2


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Hi Kirk
Thank you for your prompt reply regarding 'compound nouns' I also referred
to Cambridge Dictionary. It was very useful but I have a question regarding
Noun + Noun e.g. shopkeeper, website , 'car park' - this also noun + noun
we don't write it together like the two other two I have mentioned e.g. carpark' and many other e.g. like adjectice + noun blackberry, blackboard,
but 'black belt' , not 'blackbelt'
My question: Is there any rule or way to learn whether to write compound
nouns together or seperately e.g. 'black belt' blackberry, website, car park?
Please let me know.
Thank you.

Hi Lal,

I'm afraid there is no way to tell this in advance. You simply have to memorise each item. Compound nouns can change their spelling over time as well, so an item may begin as two separate words but over time (many years) may become one word.



The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Peter,
Thank you very much for your prompt reply regarding 'compound nouns.'
Now it is clear.

Hello Sir
Please help me to understand this e.g. courtship, courtyard, courtroom etc.
We call this compound nouns . I am I correct? Addition of two nouns but not
all some nouns are not-- they are seperated. e.g. crash helmet, credit card,
credit note, but 'cowboy' why is this difference? Or tell me how can I know when to add the nouns and when not as mentioned above in my examples.
Thank you.

Hi Lal,

'courtship' is not a compound noun, since '-ship' is a suffix rather than a noun in this case, but the others you mention could be considered compound nouns. Please see this Cambridge Dictionary page for an introduction to this topic. If you have any specific questions after that, please let us know.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Could you help me, please?
Is "breathe" means "take in air"?
Thank you.

Hello Ahmed,

Yes, 'breathe' means to draw in air through your mouth or nose. If we stop doing this for any more than a short time we die!



The LearnEnglish Team

Could you help me, please?
Which preposition should I use, "of" or "about" or both of them are correct?
What is the difference in meaning?
I often think ....... the time we spent in Rome that I can't forget.
Thank you.

Hello Ahmed Imam,

Generally, we use 'think of' to mean 'imagine' or 'dream of' and 'think about' to mean 'consider'. Both can be used when we are remembering something in a nostalgic way, and I think in your example both forms are possible.



The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Kirk,

I benefitted from competitons that have been organized by this club over the years.

I benefitted from competitons that which organized by this club over the years.