We use a noun with ’s with a singular noun to show possession:

We are having a party at John’s house.
Michael drove his friend’s car.

We use s’ with a plural noun ending in -s:

This is my parents’ house.
Those are ladies’ shoes.

But we use ’s with other plural nouns:

These are men’s shoes.
Children’s clothes are very expensive.

We can use a possessive instead of a noun phrase to avoid repeating words:


Is that John’s car?   No, it’s Mary’s [car]. > No, it’s Mary’s.
Whose coat is this?   It’s my wife’s [coat]. > It’s my wife’s.





do we use 's for possession of things to things too? cause I remember from old days that it is used only for possession of human or live creatures to things. for ex:
1. john's book
but not:

2. car's door..instead we should say : the door of the car or car door

Hello Saeedfaghani,

It is quite correct to use 's for objects as well as people, though the alternative with of is perhaps more common.

The car's door is open is a perfectly good sentence, for example.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team


I remember that there was a problem in dictionary, and was soon to be resolved. Could you please update on that?
Secondly, how can I track my communication with teachers, for instance this query if I need to review later?


Hello zeeshan-hussain,

I'm afraid it's difficult to predict when the on-page link to the Cambridge Dictionary will be working again. Have you tried using the Cambridge Dictionary's site in the meantime? It has lots of useful features and is the same dictionary, just displayed in a different format.

To keep track of your comments, there are two things you could try. The first is to click on the 'My account' link near the top of the page, and then to click on the 'Track' button. That will show the pages that you have posted comments on. Another, and I think probably better way to do it, would be to right-click on and Copy the 'Permalink', which is in the top right corner of every comment. You could copy those into a document and then refer to them at any time in the future. 

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Thank you for the reply Krick.
I have been using Cambridge Dictionary site for reference but it is not so comprehensive as it was on this site with examples and different scenarios. Anyhow, it is Ok and I hope it is will be restored.



Dear Peter M
why we put this like this
These are men’s shoes

Hello uk2781,

Could you please explain more specifically which part of the sentence you don't understand?

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

They were looking at the manager's email." How many people sent the email?
I answered this question with "more than one" and I was told that my answer is wrong.
can you tell me what is the wrong with this answer

Hello Islam Muhammad El-Awady,


The key here is the position of the apostrophe. If we say

the manager's email

then we are talking about one manager.


If we say

the managers' email

then we are talking about more than one manager.


This example is therefore about one manager and so the correct answer is not 'more than one'.


I hope that clarifies it for you.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

is it correct when I write " two minutes'thought"?
thank you