Pronouns are words we use in the place of a full noun.

There are many different kinds of pronouns.



Hi everyone!
My name is Paul, i am happy when i found this website and  i am very glad to meet all of you here. I am from HCMC (VietNam), someone want to improve speaking and listening skill, contact with me, we can study together.

you live in VN and your name is Paul?
Are you is native speaker?

Hi Paul!
You are staying in Vietnam but your name is not like Vietnamese. Where are you from? I'm studying in HoChiMinh city. I'm glad to see you. I hope my English will improve next time :)
Best wishes

Hi every one .I'm  Subhash  in Sri Lanka. I'm learning English yet then mostly I need to improve my spoken side but I'm unable to do that because I haven't got lot of  Friends who speaks English well. therefore i'm finding new friends for that . thank all of  you..

Thank u,,,,it gives me more knowledge,,,,,

 Hi, my name is Binh.I'm from Viet Nam. my english is not good. but i enjoy learning english. I have some problem to translate English like Vietnameses and write descriptions about something. i think that i miss new word. i will try to remember more new word. Do you think about that?
I am very happy when i have found this site. I think that it will help me very much to learn english.
i hope my english very good next time. 

 Hi Binh,
Thanks for your comment. I think learning new words is very important to help you understand a different language. It's a lot of hard work, but it's necessary.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello, my name is Abdulhamid.

It is the first time to know all these types of pronouns.

Best Wishes for all

To improve your english you must read every day at least one hour, listen as you can from tv or native speaker from the net review your grammar rule check new vocabulary in dictionary this will help everybody to talk and read easier.

Hi, my name is Tam. I'm from Vietnam. I don't speak English in my country. But I want to study English well. I have some problem when I speak and write English. I often translate English like Vietnamese. I cant also listen English well. Because they 're say so fast :(
But I will try my best