Pronouns are words we use in the place of a full noun.

There are many different kinds of pronouns.



Hi to All,
I recently joint the site. Conversations appear in this site make me sure that one day i will be the best english speaker.

If some one provide me basic information about how i can use properly this site (geting some notes, excersize etc) he/she will get my pary for ever, and can be my best frind.

Hello everyone,
I am Nolo from Indonesia. Do you know Indonesia where is?.
I just joined this wonderful website this morning. This is a very useful learning facility. My speaking and learning skill are very poor. I hope I can improve my skill in 1 year. So let's support each other. I hope someone here willing to correct my writing English.
I wish all of you  a successful life,
All the best

Hello Nolo,
 I 'm Shukhrat from Uzbekistan, Tashkent. Do you know where Uzbekistan is?
It is situated in Central Asia, the capital is Tashkent. Uzbekistan is located in the heart of Central Asia. There are many historical cities Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva,Shahrisabz in Uzbekistan. The purpose to join to this website is ti improve my English ability. I hope we can contact with you very often.
 I'm waiting your peply.

Hi Everyone...
I'm new here and wants to learn Grammar.

Hi everyone,
I am Rajesh from India, a new person to this site. I would like to join with you all in learning and exploring English.
I think, for better writing skill we need continous chatting facility and for better speaking skill we need to speak over phone with a native English Speaker alteast once in a week.

Hello Rajesh, I am from Brazil and REALLY need and want to learn English! My husband is english, my everyday language is English and still I am having A LOT of difficults of learning. Specially when it comes to listen AND talk. I can express my self but with a lot of grammar mistakes. And I can (or at least I think so) understand what people says... but if I need to give a answer I get really confuse. So... definitely NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! I am not sure where I should start from... But I will try from grammar. Let see if chating here and there we can actually encourage each other to keep going and don't give up. I think this is the main thing really. ALL BEST FOR ALL OF US!

Also, i'm new here. i am from albania and i want to improve spiking and listening english.
i begin from grammar, but if any one , can give me a sugesstion for the bigining part, are wellcome!
thank you!

Hi Fabi,
Hope you are doing good. I will suggest you to watch english movies with SUBTITLES. I believe this will positively help in improving listening skill. 
For improving our speaking skill, we should use english in our daily life. We should learn few essential English words/phrases each day and we should try to use those words/phrases in our conversation with others.
Please correct me if I am wrong.
Your friend,

every body, I am very glad to learn this web .Because I need english ,disscuss,talk, listen,write .In the world ,the most of people use english . our country is developing country, very very want and need to learn the I am -------- english,

Hi Abril,
I suggest, you may attend some live english training classes in the beginning. After gaining enough basic knowledge in english, you may start self study. What's your opinion?