Listen to a press conference with the Minister for Energy.

A Political Press Conference


First, listen to the recording. Then do the Tasks and answer the Discussion question below.

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Task 1

Put the topics in the order they are first mentioned.


Task 2

Listen again and choose the most accurate newspaper report above, A, B or C.


Task 3

Match the words and expressions from the press conference with their meanings.






Unfortunataly it's a common trick of public people (not only politicians) - to answer the question that they haven't been asked.

But in fact it's one of the most annoying things - when you ask a simple direct question and get a basket of rubbish instead of the aswer.
i mean any people, not only public.

In my point of view,political press conferences are a very difficult exercise for the members of the government.They face difficult questions and are bound to give the suitable answers to those questions. Then,they'd better convince the journalists by all means,even by answering to questions they have not asked.