In this section you can play games, laugh at jokes, watch videos and listen to people speaking English. Take a break from your studies and enjoy your progress.

Watch YouTube videos and improve your English at the same time. There are exercises and transcripts to help you understand.

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Portrait of Oussama

Oussama, a Syrian man living in Turkey, talks about how important education and English are for...

Intermediate: B1
Video zone – How wolves change rivers

Yes, that's right – wolves can change rivers! Watch this video and find out how.

Advanced: C1

Play games, have fun and improve your English vocabulary at the same time.

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Verb Machine

You can make any English tense or verb form by clicking four buttons. Don't believe us? Have a...

Word Wangler

Word Wangling is a collection of fun word games to help you look for patterns, shapes and...

Laugh and learn with our jokes.

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Why were you late for work?


I've been invited to an avoidance?

What's an avoidance?

Watch these videos to learn how to say the right thing at the right time.

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How to ask someone where they got that ...

Ask the right questions to find out where people got their things.

Intermediate: B1
How to ask someone to repeat something

Try out the various ways of asking people to repeat what they said.

Intermediate: B1

Listen to people talking about things that interest them.

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Talk about: Radiohead

Check out Hermia's favourite music band - one which plays real music!

Upper intermediate: B2
Talk about: My son

Ron talks about his pride and joy – his lovely son.

Intermediate: B1

Learn about British culture and food in these fun videos.

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A bowl of trifle

A trifle is a dessert dish made from thick (or often solidified) custard, fruit, sponge cake,...

Elementary: A2
Two blue baubles - Christmas decorations

Do you celebrate Christmas? How would you celebrate it? Besides Christmas trees, what other...

Upper intermediate: B2

Why are Shakespeare's plays so popular 400 years after his death? Find out in these videos and improve your English with the exercises.

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Shakespeare: London

How did Shakespeare make it big in London? Find out as actor and producer Ben Crystal explores...

Upper intermediate: B2
Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet

What do teenagers find so compelling about Romeo and Juliet? British actor Jade Anouka...

Upper intermediate: B2

Learn about UK culture by watching videos and listening to audio about a variety of topics.

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UK Culture: Banking

If you want to live in the UK, you will need a bank account. Watch the video to find out more...

Intermediate: B1, Upper intermediate: B2
UK Culture: Student Money

Are you a student living away from home? Do you find yourself living on a tight budget? Listen...

Intermediate: B1

The Premier League is the world's most-watched football league. Watch players discuss their experiences in the UK.

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Premier Skills: Films

In this video, four Premier League players talk about the sorts of films they like.

Intermediate: B1
Premier Skills: Living in the UK

In this video, players talk about what they like and dislike about living in the UK.

Intermediate: B1
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