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I spend an hour or more for shopping every week.
Maybe the internet a good way to buy things. I am not sure. I have never bought online. They say it is convenient.


May i ask, what's different between 'could do with' and 'need'?

Hi eve501,

In many contexts there is no difference. Perhaps you could provide a concrete example and we'll be happy to tell you if there is any difference in that specific context.


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The LearnEnglish Team


is there any difference between conducting a training, providing a training or running a training?

thanks in advance.

Hello Megay,

'Providing' means that you make it possible for someone to get training (without the 'a'). This could be by doing it yourself as a trainer, by paying for it or by organising it.

'Conducting' training means you are the trainer in charge of the training session. 'Running' means the same.

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The LearnEnglish Team

can you please check which sentence is right.
1- I have headache.
2- I have got headache.
can you please explain the difference as well.
kind regards

Hello Akmal,

Both sentences are almost correct – what both of them need is 'a' before 'headache': 'I have (or have got) a headache'. There's a useful explanation of the different uses of 'have' and 'have got' on this BBC page, and you can also see a video explanation on our Big Meal Scene 2 Language Focus page.

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It depends on what kind of shopping we are talking about, if you mean all of that involves money and product exchange I do shopping every week to buy foods or things for home but if we are talking about goods to people or to ourselves I definitely do not spend much time on it. I only go shopping when I have to buy a gift for a birthday party or when I really need something that I could not buy on line.
Besides being most interesting shopping on the internet is cheaper and it offers even more options both stores and products. You just have to be carefull on wich website to choose, if they are safe and reliable I think it is ok.

Thank you all.

in the task 4th answer: how come she enjoy the sandwich without eating it??
please help

Hello hasheef,

The woman says that it's a tasty-tasting sandwich, which means that it's tasty. We can also presume that she likes the sandwich since she made it herself. She gives it to the man because she's annoyed by the man and reckons that if she gives it to him he'll stop bothering her. So she enjoys the sandwich, but prefers to get away from the man to having the sandwich herself.

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