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Hello Baloch Faisal,

You asked a similar question about 'can' and 'could' on this page earlier in the week and my answer there explains these examples as well: to describe something in the future which is possible but not certain we use the modal verbs could, may or might (see this page).  Can is used to talk about in more general terms about what is possible or impossible.

To understand these uses I don't think it is helpful to focus on a fixed interpretation of present tense and past tense, but rather to focus on the meanings (possible future, general ability etc) which are being expressed.  As I said in my earlier answer, in English we use past forms for many things other than past time reference, and the same is true of present forms and present time reference.  This is why many teachers and grammarians prefer to use the less confusing/more neutral terms 'first form' and 'second form' instead of 'present tense' and 'past tense'.

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Now Internet on of the most  ways somebody use to shopping .i do not like shopping online . I enjoying when I go to shopping with my family. That's my opinion.

here, in Pasto Colombia there are not special markets like in England. There are malls. I enjoy go to them only when I need something. shopping way internet is not popular in my city. I think someone must be cautious.

wow..They are talking too fast to understand especially when the guy saying 'could do..' Anyway, this site helps me a lot to learn English. Thanks :) 

I spend maybe 2 hours of my week shopping at the casino in my University, specially buying my lunch !
I think Internet is an excellent way to buy, because you can choose what you want in your house. :D

I go shopping once  a week to but house things and food . I go shopping to buy clothes and other stuff  when i need them anytime. I like buying online for clothes and shoes  .sometime i feel it's risky that may be when i try them on i don't feel they fit me.sometimes I do a search on the internet for a book or electronics  I need. It 's helpful in a way.
Finally this is the best site for learning English , Thanks

Hi, I have a question please, I could not understand this sentence (Could do with a pair like that myself)...........Can you express the same meaning but with a different form or another words !!!
Thanks alot ..

Hi Rabab Qasmo,
The phrase 'could do with' is an idiom, so it can be tricky.  However, I think you can find the answer to this question yourself!  Try typing 'could do with' in the Cambridge Dictionaries Online window on the right, and you should find a definition which will clarify it for you.  Let us know how you get on!
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I dont quite like shopping. I usually do shopping one or two times a week if it is really necessary.

Me too ,Rinchik.