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hi dear jeremy.i am new member and this is my first question what does this mean? (( i can't get enough of this place.)). thanks

of course i think that internet is not so good for buying clothes but about books & electronics no matter to buy on line 

hello everyone,
                            what does' tasty tasting too' mean ?
                 thanks in advance.

Hello kaur!
The woman is making a joke. 'Tasty' means it tastes good. The man says it's tasty looking - that is, the sandwich looks like it tastes good. The woman tells him that the sandwich is tasty tasting - it tastes good.

Hope that helps,
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

thanks for quick response.

I go shopping once a week or every other week  for house things, food, cleaning products...I make a big shopping and then basic things every day as some bread.
For clothes, shoes, books, ... I buy it when I need it, but I am not a fashion victim or something like that, so I go a few times a year.
I do not like buying online; but of course if there is a bargain I bought it. I think internet is good for buying electronics, books (children´s stories in English which in Spain are hard to find), some toys... but I prefer to go to the shops and buy it there.
I like these short stories, there is much useful English here.
Thank you BC 

it.s the same answer i will just write it all of your words and you are doing and actions on buy thing i really done every month food & cleaning products but when i need clothes or something like that i will buy it.

Very fantastic

I really liked how do i......These are the actual situations we face in our day today lives. I really appreciate the effort of Learn English team for such a resourceful website.

I am new member I have just jointed to the group and hope from every body  have a nice day