Learn the tricks of paying compliments.


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hi all members. i ìd like to know some things:

1) Thanks for noticing! tihis expression refers to the past , doesn't it?

2)it looks great with the outfit, the question is may i use seem with adjectives and nouns like look o i can use only with infinitive e.g. we seem to have so much of weather in italy.
3) You’re being modest! it is a present continuos in passive form, isn't it? but he might say: you're modest what is the different?


Hello rosario70,

1) By saying this, the woman expresses that she appreciates that the man noticed her new haircut. So in a way it refers to the past (the haircut), but really it refers to what happened just a moment before.

2) 'seem' can be followed by adjectives, though not directly by nouns. If you look up 'seem' in our dictionary, you can see some example sentences there.

3) 'you're being modest' is not a passive form - it's the present continuous (active) of the verb 'be'. When the man says this, he's responding to what the woman said when she says her getting the deal wasn't difficult. The present continuous form refers to that specific moment, whereas the present simple would mean that she is in general a modest person.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi learnEnglish team
Really You people have provided a valuable stuff here...Let me know if this site provides a forum to practice converations

Hello kashif_me04,

Thanks for your comment! In the future, we plan to offer a forum in which users can contact each other to practise speaking, but unfortunately it has not yet been developed.

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

Hi everyone,
I think the actor too much flatter for her. What is the appropriate way in UK culture??

It's a very useful video. We can learn many things from this video. Could I download it? o yeah, if you don't mind, could you also upload the conversations that shows how to show care / attention and how to express congratulation? Thanks so much.

Hi Henny Anggraini,
I'm afraid the videos on LearnEnglish can't be downloaded at the moment for technical and legal reasons, though the transcript is available for download.
Thank you for the suggestion.  We are always looking to add new material and it's helpful to hear what would be most useful for you.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Okay, never mind, Peter. Thanks :-)
Btw, could LeranEnglish also develop reading skill? In my country, the focus of English teaching learning  is on reading comprehension (in all text types). So, it would be very helpful if this site also discusses them. 
O yeah, I have some problems with English vocabulary related to school. In Indonesia, there is a term 'wali kelas'. These words refer to a teacher who is responsible for all students and things happened in the class. I have searched in many dictionaries, but i have not found the most suitable word / words for that term. could I use the word "guardian" for that term? or should it be "counselor"? or "advisor'?
I would be very grateful if you could help me. :-)

Hello Henny Anggraini,
You can find quite a few reading texts on LearnEnglish in our Magazine section (the texts are recorded so you can listen as well as read, if you wish).  Our Business Magazine section is similar, giving you the opportunity to read or (and) to listen.
I'm not familiar with the term 'wali kelas' but I suppose the closest thing might be 'form teacher' - the teacher who is in charge of and responsible for the class.
I hope that helps you.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

For me , I could pay a compliment when i like something in someone , I can say nice words for him . but i don't prefer using compliments too much as in vedio as it sounds weird . the other person who is being flattered will feel that he is wanting something from him. I also can accept flattering me . i feel happy and i just smile when anyone says something that i don't notice in myself . I thank him a lot. I like all vedios , Good job . Thank you