What to say to a boyfriend when he lazes around in the house.


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i would ask her repeatedly to do the things, until she done it, and if it is necessary i will offer my help

I would just say her that our relationship is over. No person shall be with a slobbish couple.

i will soup a very cold water on his head

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process . thanks you

I'd like to see more '' how to'' videos.Tthank you all.

i will advise him that is all ...

If I have slob couple, I will reprimand her. This is not good because cleanliness is apart from love. I will tell her politely about why we should keep maintain cleanliness. If she refused to change, will keep away from her. 

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they would talk to him because all the time be so would lead us not to grow professionally and does not cut the

no i never be slob in my life...i am very careful about my home and room also...i want each and everything should be very neat and clean just like me...