What to say to a boyfriend when he lazes around in the house.


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My sister is a slob.I used to tell her to tidy up but she did't
do.So I tidy up my mind insead.:))
This video is funny.I like it.:D

My wife/girl friend is not lazy, nit and clean. In that case what can I say her?

I hate slob it s bad behavior

I don't like a slob person because her life isn't tidy

Of course, everyone doesn't like a boyfriend or girlfriend who is a slop. If I had the one, I would give him or her some advices. I'll watch for her changes for a short time and evaluate her progress regularly. I'll break up with her as i recognize that there's no improvement from her.
I don't like the guy in the video. But i can understand him. Maybe, he have gotten out of stress at work. He's tired. And i think when people is exhausted, they easily become a lazy guy.

i dont like messy people 

well you can't imagine how mess my bedroom is..
I'm a slob person but I don't have a boyfriend:)

I can`t to do the task 2.

I think if i have slob friend is not big problem because i do not see for my friend from this side to keep in touch with theme i take care to there manner ..