What to say to a boyfriend when he lazes around in the house.


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I simply can't get along with girlfriend who is slob.
I think both of friends should be slob or tidy, only in this case they can live together without conflicts, therefore I wish you to find appropriate mate.

Hi Adam,
fisrtly, thank you so much for sharing this funny videos... I am from Turkey and preparing for ıelts. I need 6.5 band and these videos are so useful to improve listening skill as well.... The guy seems so strange but also funny. I think I am not exactly slob but I like a mess sometimes..... I mean I put my meal, my flower ad also my computer onto same table:D Do you think this is the sign of being slob?

Slob what it means really ?

Lazy,bad activity

Excellent pg!!!

if i have a slob girlfriend, i will guide her to be more organize. I said like that because beauty is not merely from the face, but also from ethics aspect. To be more beauty, some girl needs to change their attitude. Otherwise, i will judge by other people that a very bad boyfriend. 

thanks alot.. 

pls tell how will i start the english learning and help me on below given problem.
 I have problem for ride and Wright correct word

Dear Ashutosh,
When you say you are having problems reading and writing the correct words, do you mean that you don't know exactly what English words mean? Or is it more of a problem with the spelling?
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hello everybody.
I have got slob boyfriend. his apartment flat very mess. especially kitchen. dirty dishes everywhere. I said you must buy a dishwasher. but he never listens my advice