Do you know you can apply the 'STRESS' theory to reduce stress? Find out more from Emily.

Beating stress


Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.

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Task 1

Choose the correct way to finish each sentence.






Hi teacher,
I've got a doubt with the phrase "...just sleep it when you feel enough."
What or who does "it" refer to?

Hi Sonia,

This is also unclear to me. The Transcript reflects what the speaker says, which is actually a little confusing as she seems to change direction in mid-sentence. I think what she is saying is 'just sleep until you feel [it's] enough'.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you very much Kirk

sonia i have answer for you
in this case you have to give me the sentence that came before this one to tell you "it" what or who refer to because your sentense not really clear am waiting for you harry up to give you the ansewer

This website is very useful and amazing that I've ever seen. In addition, whenever I feel stressed , I hang out with or without my friends to let it go and think of the happiest things that I've seen and done before and call my close friends and share them and said each other "keep fighting , it will be alright somehow".

Hi every one . today i found the stress very use full . this is actually very good theory which i think will help me to come our from tension around me. i often time feel stress especially about my study and lack of job and so on. after thinking too much why i cant the job even i have holding education certificates and secondly i also get stress when i look back to my life which i have spent in bad moment. But the answer is that how i would come out from the stress the answer i try to leave people and go away for from home when no body can see me and i set there and keep remember God with his beautiful names until i start cry and i ask help . so finally i got feel better and happy.
this is very first time that i heard about stress theory. And i am thankful to that lady that who brought theory and share with us to reduce the stress from my life. Yes the Stress absolutely will help me in my life to reduce the stress which occur in my life. but i just only adopted the S= sleep when but this give also stress because some time i go to sleep more than 7 hours some time i go to sleep around 11 to 12 hours daily which keep me boring and even if i sleep more i felt that in that moment it keep me lazy i feel dark every where like my mind does' not work properly.
So from today i really try to use this use full technique and will share to my friends. i do not think so that this theory stress motivate . some it motivate me but the problem i could not control my emotions in that moment and the thing which i do get wrong and finally lost more than before. but when some one advising you in that moment then you feel a little better to do right thing.

When i feel stress, i got headache . I don't want to face with people near by and would like to run away from that place. This is not a good problem solving. After I read this, I get strength to face any stress or problem. S -schedule T -treat your body R- relax S-sleep S- smile :)

I have alot of stress in my life,about my studying,diet,everything!
I think I'm a stessful's so bad.

I think stress will always be in our life.The important thing is how you manage with stress.You can find a lot of books, article, study which explain how to cope with stress.But how much of those methods you have realized untill now.İf your answer is more than half, It means you are beating stress or getting used to live with it.

I think that my everyday life is not stressful because I've learned lot of methods to reduce stress.
I know when is the time for me to keep myself in shade and what kind of activities I have to do if I feel under pressure during my work.
I reduce stress by reading a book, by walking with my dog and by listening to some relaxing music I like.
I find the STRESS-theory very interesting because it underlines some important concepts in life that are helpful as relaxing or have a good expectation of ourselves.
For me, the easyest to practise is relaxing because I really like reading books so I have during the day a book next to me, or a journal right to be read.
I think that stress doesn't help people to do their best as motivation does.
If you believe on your possibilities and you are certain about your goals and wishes, you cannot fail to reach them and you feel OK. But if you feel stressed by doing too much things in your day, it won't help you to be in a good phisical condition to work at your best.