Do you know you can apply the 'STRESS' theory to reduce stress? Find out more from Emily.

Beating stress


Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.

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Task 1

Choose the correct way to finish each sentence.






HI severy one .
I live in a quiet city , but the fact to go every day to work in other city wich is 40 km to the city where I live , this make me stressful and tired , some times I take more than two hours, so this influences and lets me live my day in some stress . another thing adds to me the stress when I have hard work , so I have to be patient and try to cope well , also I have to think about ordering things .
Some times when I return home I find my self very tired and I cant do anything , so I last my evening watching TV and relaxing .
In other way , I agree with speaker that practicing excercices , sleeping enouph ,relaxing , scheduling works and being positive are factors to reduce the stress but I can add what God gives to us from health, friends ,family and being persuaded to that also help live quiet and happy .
Best wishes .

Hi all,

- According to me, everything is happening our live around and almost we facing pressure from works, earning money to pay for living cost, worry about everything. That things driver you have get stressful anymore.
There are many ways to relieve and reduce stress, when I had get stress, really stressful I often to find somewhere that no have noise and I was keep a quite, think about my problems then give some methods to solve problem by myself. I supposed that its unnecessary keep holding in mind, or try to avoid it. Maybe make me become negative more than, It is also same as a poison let's find a way to remove out your body.

- The " STRESS" theory is really helpful to me I think it has a quite funny, useful I'm very like it I should carry it out everyday. I'd like to practise with the " S " last word it mean SMILE, not too difficult to practise. For example: when I faced some stressful, sadly I will read a funny story or watch a comedy film, etc... Of course, that is way make me can smile feel the best comfortable. The experts proved the interests of the smile helping everyone against eld, always to be fresh spirit, loving your life. In Vietnam has an idiom as: " Laughter is the best medicine "

- The stress is also a motivating force, I agree with this opinion
Daily we have deal with problems a lot in works, studies, argue with co-workers, friends, or in your family. Thus, speaker mentioned "S" first word is Scheduling you should arrange everything and resolve them follow one by one. And if it had not happened, you wouldn't recognize your problems, your mistakes where from it is, or you can't arrange everything smoothly. Hence, stressful is sometime is looked like as an motivation to driver you to better, I think that.

Le Nhung

Hi to all of you! It,s very good topic for lesson.So usefull in life.Go on that!

Hi!!! I'm new in here. I have many difficults with english but i will try to communicate with you :)
I like sing and listen some musics when i'm stressed out. I'm university's student and we have so many workgroups to do that I, in some cases, need to listen music to relax a little bit.

when you are stressed, to smoke a cigarette can reduce stress(:

Hi everybody,
Me, when I am stressed, I take the time to do something which I love, like read a good book or just have a drink with a friend.
The STRESS theory si very helpful. Advice is simple but efficient.
For me, stress is not a motivating force because when i am stressed I can ´t do things well. I can ´t think as well as I'm not stressed.

I frequently face stressful situations like family affairs and expectations.Sometimes I don't really know the cause. My traditional stress reducers are walking,film watching,reading and being with friends.
The stress theory is very helpful.Relaxing and playing with friends are the easiest things that I can do for beating stress. Not expecting people to be perfect is the most important for preventing stress  and In my case  expectation is the main cause of stress.unlike to the reader being busy or having a lot of work to do keeps me out of stress,it makes me to forget things worrying me.
I don't think stress pushes to a further success instead it prevents from focusing on the work at hand.

Those tips make you deal with stress successfully, and that article made me feel sure about my english abilities because of learning a new vocabulary.
Thanks a bunch !

I am very glad to see the great ways here of beating stress by “S-T-R-E-S-S ” . Thank you very much for sharing.
I'd like to take action and apply these tips to my life moving forward. I do believe it will help a lot and everyone should have a try by this way, as the tips are really good, I am sure
Thanks again for sharing these good articles/ideas.

Stress is common to most people nowadays. Some of my daily activities are stressful for me, like caring for a baby and cooking meals. These are mundane tasks that cause a lot of stress. Doing the same works everyday is quite boring.
Exercise is my way of releasing stress. I take a walk everyday to relax and it gives me time to think about myself. While walking, I can think and plan better.
Information about stress is very helpful because it make us aware about our condition. Recognizing and acknowledging your present situation and circumstances is important. Making list and schedule can reduce pressure. Also, developing some new hobbies help a person to focus other things instead of concentrating on  problems and a great way to eliminate tension. Personally, the practical way of releasing stress is exercise is like walking. 
I believe, stress can be a driving force to excel because one would not  want to stay on the same condition. They would find ways to get out from it. Finding other activities would eventually lead a person to discover new things, thus, it helps her to understand better about herself.