Do you know you can apply the 'STRESS' theory to reduce stress? Find out more from Emily.


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Task 1

Choose the correct way to finish each sentence.






Stress is a normal part of our life. We experience it everyday in varying degrees and amounts. If a person feels overwhelmed by stress, they usually engage in activities that will lessen and alleviate stress.
My everyday life can be very stressful for others but for me, it's already a routine that I enjoy doing. I live my life one day at a time so I won't be bothered by too much work. I usually plan my daily and weekly activities so I will not be bothered by the long list that I have to do. It's a very useful tip to reduce stress. When I feel tired from the day's responsibilities, I just take a nap at home or listen to my favorite music.

I find the STRESS theory helpful because it enumerates simple ways by which one can cope with stress. It has great insight and gives concrete examples on dealing with stress. We don't need to spend large amounts of time and money to relax. Setting priorities and taking care of one's health are enough to relieve the daily clutter in our lives. For me, the easiest of all the steps would be to smile. Sharing a joke with a friend or having a good time would suffice for me to give a smile. Smiling makes one feel invigorated, happy and refreshing. It just feels light and easy.

However, stress should not always be viewed as negative. It should be seen as a moving factor for individuals to strive harder and go for what is best. If stress is nonexistent, the world would be a mediocre place. Everyone would settle for things that are worthless and second-rate. We all need a certain form of stress for us to be better in everything we do and for us to continuously evolve as creative humans.

Don't worry, be happy as Bob Marley sings :)
Look at life with positive eyes and smile and it'll smile back :)

Very interesting article.
I 'm sure that every one  has stresses during life.
Her advices help us not only how to deal with it but also how to prevent it.
whenever i has stress, i always try to do some thing such as: take care my garden, plant another flowers,drinking coffee with friend,...
If you are focusing on some thing, you will forget all sadness and stress.

I like it,and I think its very useful and all the stages are true,I rarely do exercises but when I do some I really feel relax and I have another way to get away from stress is doing puzzle,while doing it I get totally away from stress and all the problems because you have to concentrate on it you shoulnd't think anything else,if you like this you can be sure that it works.

wow Natalya you have a verrrry useful advise..
every human being on earth must ever felt stress during their life cycle, even for an animal such as dog ever felt this kind of feeling. we face it everyday undeniebly. stress comes when we really want to have something, or in other words, we obsessed into something but we can make it into reality then it triggers us to be stress, a harmful stress that could possibly let to suicidal.
i will try to applicate this S T R E S S strategy to reduce my stressful life here, let us see how it works. actually the biggest cure to help me out from a harmful stress moment is being grateful for everything i have. enough food to eat , a warm place to sleep , is only one from those millions things i should be grateful of ( :

I think one will become lethargic without certain level of stress. But having too much stress is harmful to our health. So what we must do is to make sure we have a balance life style in all aspect.
Basically, the 'STRESS' theory is feasible and helpful. All in all be a happy man, don't overwork, take vacation frequently especially go abroad, doing things which you like, get enough sleep.....

I agree Natalya . Life is impossible without stress. Now I'm feeling very stressed. The easiest ways to reduce my stress are going somewhere with friends , listening to the music and sleeping. I agree stress may be the motivation of the life. In my opinion , when we have got the stress , we ever try to escape from that feeling. We never want that feeling again. This thing will help people to motivate their personality to improve their lives.

I think life is impossible without stress. We experience it on different stages of our life. We can't eliminate stress from our life altogether.  To some extent it can be even useful because stressful situations in life make us psychologically stronger, give us moral strength. In the course of time we learn to combat stress and everyone has his or her own ways for beating stress. I, for example, eat some chocolates,  take a wander around the town. When I have vacations I like to go to the mountains (the Carpathian mountains). The nature is fabulous there. There are lots of beauty spots where you can take great pictures and relax. Every time I go there I fall in love with that place.