Simon talks about how he managed to learn five to six different languages in a fun and easy way.

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Task 1

Choose the correct answer to each question.


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I find easier to learn English forcing myself to read English newspapers, watching English TV or film.
I think that is very useful talk with somebody, watching film, reading newspapers and especially travel.

It's really effective to learn any language by watching films, tv programs, reading newspapers... but the best way is living in the country , talking to people in real communication situations, being curious. it would be very nice if I could do that because I think I would develop my english.
It's very nice to have the British Council to practice english. After I listen to the texts, I read and repeat the texts again and again, and this helps me to learn new sentences, new words and many expressions.
Get out of your "Confort Zone" is a good advice. Don't be afraid to comete mistakes because this is a part of the proccess...

The best method to learn other languages is to have friends from other countries that speak different languages you will learn faster than school in English lessons in my country we study by different ways like watching films and we must talk English in the class

hello i learned the most english from videogames movies and serien (anime)
i know my englisch isnt the best but i try my best
i learn english and japanise and after the hollydays i learn french in school so... i think i have lots of thinks to do
i dont like my techer in germany woh trys to tell me how englisch works ...she is an idiot i can talk better english than her

hello everyone!
im from oman and i have recently started english studies at cavendish school in bournemouth, i havent found the engkish language here at all because i have learned english from a very young age so their wasnt any difficulty with the language

I think if someone want to learn a foreign language they should use different ways. Classes are also necessary especially for beginners.We need to learn gramma, vocabulary, pronunciation with a teacher. But we have to use English every day: to watch TV shows, movies, to listen radio, songs and podcasts for improving our listening skill, to read newspapers, magazines and books for impoving our reading skills, to speake with other people.

Instead of thinking in your native language try to think in English, it will definitely help in improving language. Hope it will help.

I think the best way to learn a launguage is to think in that launguage, speaking that launguage.

First of all I will tell you what happened when I tried to learn in each of 3 ways

"Learning In a classroom setting "
In this I learnt the grammer, how to pronunciate the word, what are the conjunctions,Idioms, what is noun,verb.

Learning by listening to audio
======= === ========= == =====
I felt i get improved when I listened to someone speak[the one which i am interested to learn. It could be science,relationship,debate,interview speeches] audio

Learning by reading the paper
======== == ======= === =====
But when I read the paper, I feel I could not remembered the vocabularies once i finished my paper.

Most importan things I realize is If i visualize the thing what I am reading i can able to learn english.
For instance If I am reading the article of "genetic food is very good "
when i am assuming I am also part of the team who is making the genetic food, I can give the ideas and can guess and learn english


Hello Everyone,

I had experienced in learning one of language.
First step
==== ===
I watched basic questions/numbers/I,IInd,IIIrd persons like [ he,she, how to call the younger than/elder than me.
I listened to the songs in the same language what i want to learn.
Initially I can able to understand but didn't have the courage to speak up. over the period of time I started to speak up.

second step:
I watched movies with the subtitle which i knew.I repeatedly watched the same movie for quite 7-10 times.
while i was watching the movie, I used to tell the word/sentence repeatedly.

I even started to speak this language with other people.Gradully its become one of my known language which i can speak up