Ella shares with you her most memorable moments in the UK.

Talk about: My life in the UK


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Task 1

Comprehension Task

Read the statements and decide if they are true or false.






Life comprises of lots of different exposures we can get, so studying abroad is one of them and even the best one to be familiar with different cultures, languages....etc which give human a stunning civilization. In my opinion, being with different people, languages and religion in different countries can be tough to anyone without second language that is English language. I don't wanna discuss this topic because i have never studied abroad so far, but if i am going to study oversea, I will do all necessary things that help me to set my goals. For example, making friend is vital point to share ideas and study one another. every one mustn't look at her or him self like an only stranger in each country, even though there are many ones like you,so student should rely on themselves to do anything they want.

Hello, the girl said: "I went to a host family" and she pronounced the "a" like "ey". I am just a little bit confused about her way of saying the letter a. Thank you!!

Hello Aaron,

There are many different accents in English and their pronunciation of sounds varies quite a lot. The stressed form of 'a' is indeed pronounced /eı/, in contrast to the (much more common) unstressed/weak form /Ə/. In this sentence /Ə/ would be much more likely, but the speaker is from Hong Kong and her English, though very good, is not perfect (she misses out 'the' before 'UK' in the first sentence, for example).

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I am reyaly enjoy learning english,this the right place to learn,and i am planing to my IELTS on 16 th August 2014,please every one help me.

hi evryone.My nam is Mai.I want make friend with everyone

I have got a question What's the level of this recording? A2, B1? I'd really like to know!!
And I LOVE this site, you're awesome!! Thanks a lot :D

Hello Ma. Luisa,

Not all of the content on LearnEnglish is graded in this way, and that is the case for this text, I'm afraid.  If you wish to find material at a certain level then you can type (for example) 'B1' into the search window and you will see links to material at that level.

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