Ron talks about his pride and joy – his lovely son.

Talk about: My son


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Hello minchas,

The verb 'find' can be used to talk about how we think or feel about something, and that is how it is used in this sentence. Another way to say it is 'Raising his son is stressful for the speaker'.

Does that help? If not, please tell us which part of the sentence is difficult for you.

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thank u

i have three child, and this time i am sitting at home with my third child. he is about nine months. yes its difficult with children, but its such happiness. when my children sleep. i forgot all difficults. probably i have alot mistakes. but i am try to learn english//

It's my first story ;)

First of all I want to give thanks a million for giving me the chance to write here, Well, when i get overwhelmed by my daily work I like to pray or if I can't than just sit on a chair and memories my son's different activities which gives lods of fun in our family. I used to hear melodious sons before when I got overwhelmed to recharge my batteries but now-a-days I don't because it makes me sometime emotional and tired,that's instead of charging make gloomy.
From my view, babies are awesome in their talent or brilliant attitude and also for their enthusiasm. I already mentioned about my son and fell proud to say something about him. Once we went to visit a relatives home then he was one year and nine months old and started saying different words. I used to feed him seeing pictures,kids rhymes, animated movies on computer (we have no TV). I never think about what he marked or not. That day when I want to drink him a mango juice by saying about various furniture in the room, I mentioned their TV's monitor by computer.... suddenly he stopped me by indicating TV said it's not computer its TV. He made me to understand that there was no CPU. I was really surprised. It's make me more conscious taking care of him .


Well, If I'm overwhelmed by several things I'd try to get maybe some help so I can do them quicker than expected and I´d do a calendar, putting firstly the important ones and then the rest of them.
And I have a niece, who is very intelligent and quite creative, She is only 4 years old, but she knows a lot and she makes things that sometimes for you it is unbelievable, for instance, she does not how to speak in English yet but one day my father told her 'Marianna sings a song for us in English', and she didn't say No grandpa I do not know, surprise!! she started singing something and she is a Spanish native and that words were not Spanish it was not English neither but it was something completely out of our minds, so as least She was trying.. So kids are amazing, their minds are perfect and we need to try to get the most that we can from them.

Hi ,
I usually try to make a cup of tea or coeffee when I feel overwhelmed after work. I also try to talk to my family spend time with the family when I feel tired which makes my batteries recharge. this could be the effect of nature.


If i feel overwhelmed with work or study, the thing i am supposed to do to recharge again is to take an enough time of rest alone with myself, taking hot shower, drinking a cup of tea, surfing facebook, sleeping for a while, that would be great snd perferct recharging way.